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Our Cycles - Period and Full Moon Diary app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7536 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd
3.99 USD
Current version: 2.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Feb 2013
App size: 7.88 Mb

The Our Cycles App has been designed with YOU and your cycle in mind - it is not your typical tracking app, but an overall health and well-being tool, supporting you to get to know your body more deeply. It provides a revolutionary approach to self-care and well-being in a simple-to-use application designed for both Women and Men.

Track your feelings and moods, make notes about your day and use this app as a space to self-reflect and enjoy a deepening understanding of you and your body. Explore how, with simple observation and basic record keeping, you can get to know yourself in relation to the bigger-picture cycles taking place – daily, weekly and monthly.

** For Women — Menstruating, Peri-Menopause, Menopause, and Post-Menopause:
The App uses your menstruation cycle, ovulation cycle and or the Full/New Moon Cycle to support you to track your emotional and physical well-being.

**For Men — Full and New Moon Cycle Calendar
The App is customised into its own category for Men with framework that allows them to track what is going on physically and emotionally during the days and months around the dates of the Full and New Moon.

Couples benefit from using the app to dialogue about each other’s cycles and how these interplay.

‘Our Cycles’ is also an effective and practical tool for professionals i.e., practitioners and teachers to support their clients/students in the practice of body awareness.

To learn more about Our Cycles and see how others are using this tool in their lives visit -

General Features
NEW** 3 Colour themes easily changeable at any time to suit your cycle mood
NEW** Daily Reminders - set yourself a note to support taking those ‘stop’ moments in your day
NEW** Theme your Cycles - commit to a well-being program, and theme it in your Notes and the App will track it all for you
NEW** language options - the App has been personally translated into German, and now operates a basic translation function for other languages
NEW** Customise your Feelings, Moods or Symptoms - the ability to add your OWN ‘feeling’, ‘mood’, or ‘symptom’ that you want to pay attention to in your cycle, the App will track it as long as you like, as well as an existing comprehensive list to select from.
NEW** Full and New Moon dates provided in Calendars for Women and Men
Nurturing Journal to keep track of how you’re looking after yourself in your cycle and encouraging more self-care and awareness of your cycle
Sync data between the IOS version and Web-App online version of Our Cycles
Password lock for your security
Easy help guide

Features for Women
Period Tracking
Period Prediction, with Reminder Notifications
Ovulation & Fertility Calendar - Guide Only - with Reminder Notifications
NEW** Manually change your Ovulation Date
Can be used for women menstruating, peri-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal ‘Our Cycles’ keeps track of all of your data as you transition into different cycles

Features for Men
NEW** Track the Full and New Moon dates in your Calendar
NEW** Customised Symptoms chart for Male Body

The content of ‘Our Cycles - Period and Full Moon Diary’ is for informational purposes only. ‘Our Cycles’ is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or care. You should not use ‘Our Cycles’ to diagnose or treat any health-related condition. ‘Our Cycles’ is not to be used as a method of contraception or birth control.

Online functions and options
You can visit for more information on the concept and creative inspiration behind ‘Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon Diary’. There you will find additional help and user guide tips, as well as our community projects, user testimonials, blogs by experts as well as women and men just like you, and much more…

Pros and cons of Our Cycles - Period and Full Moon Diary app for iPhone and iPad

Our Cycles - Period and Full Moon Diary app good for

Just downloaded this app. I like it so far. Nice that u can enter ur mood/feelings/symptoms! Great for keeping track of those and how ur cycle works and can be compared later. Great app, but it could use a lil fixes. It would be nice if it showed all phases of the moon: new, first, full, and last, including quarter moon phases. Also, I think it would be nice to show the moon phases on the calendar (like the symbol of the moon phase). I noticed when u click on a date on the calendar, it shows ur entries at the bottom for feelings, mood, and symptoms, and when u click over to the next month, those entries r still showing. So far so good!
This app is just amazing- made with so much love, it supports to understand and feel your body and natural cycles. Big recommendation*
great app to support woman’s wellbeing. I use it regularly and it supports me to understand my cycle more deeply.
A nice, portable way to keep track of cycle dates and notes. Password keeps it private. Seems to add a day to the cycle though (includes day 1 of next cycle), I would love to see that changed. I would also love to have the new & full moons pictured on the calendars, so I can better see how my cycle relates.

Some bad moments

Ive been wanting an app that will it only track my menstruation cycle but will also track the lunar cycle. From what I saw this app would do just that. So I paid the $3.99 fee for the app which I thought was too pricy in the first place. Then once you open the app and start playing around on it you learn that in order to get the full app experience you have to buy a $12.99 subscription to the app designers website.....thats baloney. The app description should CLEARLY STATE that the subscription is required to get the full experience from the app. I am highly disappointed and now I feel I wasted $3.99
I just installed this app a few minutes ago and Im already benefiting from it. I love the space to record how Im feeling day to day. I started reflecting on my feelings the last few days and realized that there is a big opportunity to be more aware of this in moving forward. This app is super comprehensive and includes the whole cycle, not just one week of it - it is obvious that the creators put a lot of thought into its design. I love how anyone can use it too. I can feel that it will be a huge support for me to get to know my rhythms! I promptly deleted my other period tracking apps after getting this one - this one is the best! Thank you!
I love this app. Its so well put together and has all the features to record how your going and look back at it. Feels great just how easy it is to record how your feeling that day with great prompts. Using it for the moon cycle so looking forward to how that goes. Very new so not sure yet on all the features etc.. but well worth a download. Amazing Job
Excellent app! Just downloaded and is very simple to use. Amazing that guys can use it too.
The app is amazingly simple in its use but huge in its application. I have already started using it and find it a great support for taking the time to connect to myself and ask myself how am I feeling each day. Now I am finding the time to feel how I actually am each day. It is so much fun to use and so beautiful to look at. An all round winner for me.
I have been looking for an app for a while where I can take notes on how I go in my menopause and here it finally is … THANK YOU guys for thinking of us older ladies also. This will be a great tool to record how my body is going and like you write - find out if there is a rhythm and rhyme to it all. Thanks heaps. Totally worth the investment. PS: its also very cool that the guys have equally a tool to record how they are feeling. I always felt and said men to have a cycle just a different kind.

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